IRS Forms and Instructions


Your visit this season 2021

The ongoing pandemic has required Caroline to suspend travel and in-person meetings, continuing into the upcoming tax season. She is completing appointments over the phone.

 Your telephone appointment will be at the same date and time as confirmed previously by Michele, see above. You must send all your tax documents to our office at least 5 days before your scheduled appointment.

 Our preferred and primary method is our WuRosen Secure Portal website. Please respond now to with the email address which you would like to use for communications with us. You will then receive an email about 2 weeks before your appointment, with instructions on how to upload your scanned documents to the secure website.

 As an alternative to online transmission, you may mail paper copies (you keep the originals) of your tax documents to Caroline at:

          Wu Rosen Associates

          6 Edgerly Place

          Boston, MA 02116

Include a cover note with your name, date/time of your appointment, and a phone number to reach you that day. From our experience, regular First-Class mail or Priority Mail have been reliable, although delays have become more common. Do not request a signature receipt or other special handling, because such measures may cause extra delays.

 You may send a fax if there is no other alternative, 781-750-8879-fax.

 Reminder: Collect and scan or mail copies of all your documents in time for us to receive them at least 5 days before your appointment day/time.

 Please call me with any questions, and I will be happy to assist you.

Best wishes and take care.

 Wu Rosen Associates

Caroline & Michele